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Calichan Mertens 10:26 AM

I love the news. A lot of love for Pastor Rob and the family

Saddleback Berlin 10:27 AM

We are happy to have Pastor Rob as our Saddleback Campus Pastor!

Rebeca Razo 10:28 AM

@Saddleback Such a joy!

Kat and Luke 10:27 AM

Congratulations Rob & Holly, so lovely to hear the seas that God parted to bring you to us here in Berlin.

Theresa Anesah 10:28 AM

This is awesome 😊🎉👏👏

Theresa Anesah 10:30 AM

We love you too Pastor Buddy 🤗

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Mary de Salve 10:31 AM

Thanks for being obedient to the Lord’s voice, Pr. Rob and Holly, you guys are a blessing for the church and I am sure your work will keep impacting Berlin with God’s love 🧡

Rebeca Razo 10:33 AM

@Mary Pastor Rob and Holly! Thank you sooo much. What an obedience!

Theresa Anesah 10:32 AM

We appreciate you and your family Pastor Rob 🤗

Ursula Glatz 10:33 AM

Rob & Holly: I knew you are part of our Saddleback Berlin church, you are one with us❣❣❣

Tejas Kumar 10:33 AM
Martina Baumann 10:33 AM
Kat and Luke 10:33 AM
Ursula Glatz 10:34 AM

Rob & Holly: I knew you are part of our Saddleback Berlin church, you are one with us❣❣❣

Antonia Sitak 10:34 AM

congratulaions Rob&Holly! what a blessing you are to us! thank you

Vineeti Louis 10:34 AM

Thank you Pastor Rob and Holly!! May God bless you abundantly for your commitment and obedience to Him!

Kat and Luke 10:34 AM


Kam Bazregari 10:34 AM
Saddleback Berlin 10:34 AM

Thank you for serving, McGee family!

Kam Bazregari 10:34 AM
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Ursula Glatz 10:35 AM


Kat and Luke 10:35 AM


Holly McGee 10:35 AM

We are honored to be here in Berlin. We love you, our Saddleback Berlin Family!

Nataly De Trizio 10:35 AM

Congratulations Pastor Rob and family! ♥️

Theresa Anesah 10:36 AM

We God promotes you 👏👏🙏🙏❤️

Rebeca Razo 10:36 AM

Amen! God always uses the right people.

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Ursula Glatz 10:38 AM

We love you sooo much, Rob, our beloved brother and Pastor🎶👍

Tony Krönert 10:39 AM

My heart is filled with joy right now. So happy for Rob & Holly and our wonderful church family :)

Cindy DeCicco Brown 10:40 AM

Thank you, Rob and Holly, for your faithful service to this church in a very different time. You are truly witnesses of God using people exactly how and where He needs them most!

Jessica Wegenstein 10:41 AM

We love you McGee Family!!! 🙏♥️🙌🤗

Holly McGee 10:49 AM

@Jessica We love you too!

Katrin Koch 10:46 AM

Was für eine tolle Nachricht, Rob, Holly, Silas und Ruby! Der Himmel hat Euch gesandt! Wir freuen uns, dass Ihr Ja gesagt habt. Gott mit Euch! Es ist ein großes Privileg und eine Ehre mit Euch die Kirche zu bauen! Gott ist gut! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️Wir lieben Euch!

Holly McGee 10:49 AM

@Katrin Danke!

Katrin Bossmann 10:47 AM

Congratulations Rob and Holly🙏🙏🙏

Rebeca Razo 10:47 AM

The moment we are in hadn't pause the job we are doing here. 🔨🔨🔨

Rebeca Razo 10:52 AM

@Rebeca Less fear more joy. :)

Rebeca Razo 10:56 AM

Paz que sobrepasa todo entendimiento. 🕊️

Theresa Anesah 11:03 AM


Mary de Salve 11:07 AM

standing on the promise that the Love of God casts out all fear, even in the midst of unexpected trials and events, is our greatest test of faith. May God help us to remain strong in Him, regardless of the circumstances.

Rebeca Razo 11:11 AM

@Mary Sooo true. I've been there. 😂

Tony Krönert 11:10 AM

Jesus' words in John 14:27 led me through this year - so powerful: "I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid."

Theresa Anesah 11:17 AM


Theresa Anesah 11:23 AM

Thank You Lord Jesus 🙌🙌

Theresa Anesah 11:25 AM

Amen and Amen

Rebeca Razo 11:25 AM

Jesus make us as white as the snow. Jesús haznos tan blancos como la nieve.

Mary de Salve 11:33 AM

Have a blessed week everyone 🕊

Antonia Sitak 11:33 AM

Thank you for this beautiful service !

Rebeca Razo 11:33 AM

So good to see you all family.

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Tony Krönert 11:34 AM

Amazing job production team!!

Rebeca Razo 11:34 AM

Dios te bendiga.

Michelle Paz 11:35 AM

Congratulations, Rob and Holly! What a blessing you are to this Church family!

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