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Saddleback Berlin 09:00 AM

Good morning Saddleback Church family!

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Jim Brown 09:02 AM

Good Morning Church!

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Tomas Moya Pavlatka 09:02 AM

good morning all you blessed children of God.

Vineeti Louis 09:02 AM

Audio is perfect today! Thank you production and worship teams! :)

David Gasirabo 10:07 AM

@Vineeti Big thank you to the production team

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Daniel Wiens 09:04 AM

Good morning - so good to join.

Saddleback Berlin 09:06 AM

@Daniel Good Morning!

Saddleback Berlin 09:07 AM

Thank you Pastor Rob and Katrin for leading us this morning!

Saddleback Berlin 09:07 AM
Saddleback Berlin 09:10 AM

Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Jim Brown 09:11 AM

Good Morning dear saints of Berlin!

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Saddleback Berlin 09:21 AM
Saddleback Berlin 09:22 AM

Class 101, September 27 at 12:30 in the ministry center

Saddleback Berlin 09:23 AM

To sign up, click the connect button above!

Saddleback Berlin 09:25 AM

Teams you can join! Saddleback Kids, Production, Worship, Coffee Team and Welcome Team...Fill out an online connection card!

Saddleback Berlin 09:26 AM

or email:

Saddleback Berlin 09:26 AM

October 11...7 year anniversary celebration!

Saddleback Berlin 09:27 AM

@Saddleback mark you calendar!

Tomas Moya Pavlatka 09:30 AM

Yes, pastor - the war is already won, the path has been already built. Amen.

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Rob McGee 09:35 AM

Great being with you online today!

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Saddleback Berlin 10:16 AM

Don't forget to fill out a connection card and let us know you're here!

Saddleback Berlin 10:23 AM
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