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Rob McGee 09:07 AM

Hi Everyone!

Calichan Mertens 09:07 AM
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Tori-Anna Hamilton 09:09 AM

Good morning everyone!!

Theresa Anesah 09:10 AM


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Diazno 09:13 AM

Good morning everyone!

Mary de Salve 09:14 AM

Good morning, church! Blessed Sunday to everyone.

Rebeca Razo 09:14 AM

Good morning Family.

Theresa Anesah 09:17 AM
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Holly McGee 09:19 AM

Hi friends!

Jonathan Adeoye 09:20 AM

we are all kids of his love, blessed...

Jonathan Adeoye 09:21 AM
Holly McGee 09:21 AM

Yay Madita!

Rob McGee 09:22 AM

Blessed to have Madita on our staff team!

Kat and Luke 09:23 AM

Good morning everyone. Sending blessings

Rob McGee 09:24 AM

@Kat good morning!

Rebeca Razo 09:26 AM

Mercy = love in action.

Rebeca Razo 09:26 AM
Rob McGee 09:32 AM

A great commitment to the Great Commission!

Rob McGee 09:34 AM

Mercy is a prerequisite for a relationship with God.

Theresa Anesah 09:36 AM
Theresa Anesah 09:36 AM


Rob McGee 09:37 AM

Showing mercy Leads to a happy spirit!

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Rob McGee 09:39 AM

Mercy nourishes our soul

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Rob McGee 09:52 AM

Look for moments of mercy that Gods sends your way!

Rebeca Razo 09:54 AM
Jell E Bean 09:54 AM
Theresa Anesah 09:54 AM
Theresa Anesah 09:54 AM

Thank you Lord Jesus

Theresa Anesah 09:56 AM
Rebeca Razo 10:00 AM

Love you all! Have a blessed week on Jesus presence.

Mary de Salve 10:02 AM

Gos bless you all!!

Mary de Salve 10:02 AM

God bless you all

Sam Barahim 10:03 AM

Have a good week all....

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Blanca Margarita Razo Flores 12:28 PM

Powerful message. God bless you everybody. I miss you brothers.