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Our Local Team

Our Staff and Campus Growth Team (CGT) are here to serve you! They meet on a regular basis to pray and discover new ways to grow as a church.


Rob McGee
Rob McGeeCampus Pastor
Maripili Zickler
Maripili ZicklerAdministrative Manager
Tony Krönert
Tony KrönertConnections Director
DiaznoWorship Director
Jessica Wegenstein-Culberson
Jessica Wegenstein-CulbersonSaddleback Kids Director
Madita Baumann
Madita BaumannSaddleback Kids Program Coordinator

Campus Growth Team

The Campus Growth Team (CGT) is a local team focused on encouraging church growth, spiritually and numerically, in a healthy way.

Joshua Culberson
Joshua CulbersonVolunteer Discipleship Coordinator
    Tejas Kumar
    Tejas KumarWeb & Application Developer